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Sarukura Family Tree

These are all the names of the Sarukura family that I found on a Family Register from June 1956. The paper is old and some parts were hard to read, so some of the spellings may be off.

Sarkura Visual Family Tree
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Bottom row, left to right:

Akiko Sarukura

Akiko Sarukura is my grandmother, born in February 1927.

[see her in the Sarukura family photo]

Tadao Sarukura

Tadao Sarukura is my grandmother’s oldest brother, born in March 1921.

[see him in the Sarukura family photo]

Yoshio Sarukura

Yoshio Sarukura is my grandmother’s youngest brother, born in December 1930. He played the trumpet.

[see him in the Sarukura family photo]

Middle row, left to right:

Denroku Sarukura

Denroku Sarukura is my grandmother’s father. He was a news reporter / journalist, and died in August 1945.

Kato Yamaguchi

Kato Yamaguchi is Aya Sarukura’s brother.

Aya Sarukura

Aya Sarukura (maiden name Aya Yamaguchi) is my grandmother’s mother, born October of 1897. She married Denroku Sarukura in September of 1920.

[see her in the Sarukura family photo]

Top row, left to right:

Kikumatsu Yamaguchi

Kikumatsu Yamaguchi is Aya Sarukura’s father.

Tei Yamaguchi

Tei Yamaguchi is Aya Sarukura’s mother.

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Jason YunAugust 26th, 2009 at 9:19 am

THis is very interested. My Grandpa just sent me our family tree for the Yun family. I learned stuff about my family I never would have known and it makes them seem so much more real.

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